Simplicity for Success in Business –

Many business leaders feel overwhelmed by the increasing complexities of our interconnected business world. If you are one of these leaders, this book is written for you. 

In this first volume of the Simplicity for Success series, Peter Eckart distills his experiences of over 25 years as McKinsey consultant, senior executive, corporate advisor, as well as start-up advisor and, yes, rocket scientist. Using anecdotes and case studies, he explains to you why Simplicity is important and how you can apply it. In this volume, he introduces the Magic Tool of Simplicity – Problem Solving – which is based on The Three Pillars of Simplicity:
(1) Problem Structuring, (2) Analysis, and (3) Story-lining & Decision-making.

In short: across all volumes of the Simplicity for Success series Peter takes you by the hand on a journey from understanding the power of Simplicity to leveraging Simplicity for Successyour success.