Simplicity &
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Growth, Lean &

Our Vision

Make our clients more successful by leveraging the power of Simplicity

Our Value Proposition

Apply Simplicity tools to develop impactful strategies, processes & apps

Our Approach

Simplify analytics, processes & apps to optimize their effectiveness & efficiency

OUR VALUES Nimble  -   Customer-focused   -   Lean (The Best of Silicon Valley & McKinsey)



Online Courses

You want to learn how to leverage simplicity for your success? Or you want your team members to learn how to apply the key principles and tools of simplicity? We provide online courses on all aspects of simplicity for success, starting from the fundamentals all the way to function-specific courses and courses on specific topics.

Lectures & Seminars

You want to provide your team with a higher-level or in-depth introduction to the principles of simplicity for success? We will be happy to provide lectures or seminars tailored to your needs and coach your team using numerous case examples and practical exercises (typically anywhere from 3-4 hours to several days).

Leadership Coaching

Let’s analyze and discuss your business challenges 1-on-1. Together, we will develop approaches and starting points for how you can leverage simplicity for your success.


Keynotes & Speeches

You want to introduce your leadership team or a larger group of your employees to the principles of how to leverage simplicity for success? We will be happy to provide tailored keynotes or speeches for the respective audience (typically 1h, plus Q&A).

Leadership Workshops

Here we first spend ~1 week on-site to analyze your business and conduct key stakeholder interviews. Based on these insights, we prepare a 1-2-day workshop with your leadership team to jointly problem-solve how to leverage simplicity for your success. Post-workshop we summarize the results and reommendations in a report.

Performance Assessments

Here we typically spend 1-2 weeks on-site to analyze your business end-to-end and conduct key stakeholder interviews. Based on the results, we compile a report and a set of recommendations for you to leverage simplicity for your success in all areas of your business.

Consulting &
Interim Management

Growth Strategy & GTM

We will start by scoping a growth strategy / GTM approach jointly with you. After analyzing your company objectives, industry and competitors, we will work with key internal stakeholders to develop a clear and concise growth strategy & GTM (typically takes ~1-2 months).

Digital Transformation

We will assess where you stand in regards to digitalization, as a company or in specific areas, such as marketing or sales. Jointly, we will discuss assessment results, prioritize key improvement areas, identify low hanging fruit and pilots, and define an implementation plan (typically takes ~1 month).

Lean Operations

There is most probably the potential for substantial process improvements in some areas of your organization. Focusing on customer needs / revenue growth and cost, we will identify and prioritize these jointly with you and then develop a plan to leverage simplicity to make you more successful.


High Tech




Health Care






Case Studies

  • Product development process for IT hardware manufacturer

    A major IT HW manufacturer ($70B in revenue), asked us to help them simplify their existing product planning process. Within 3 months we developed and aligned a simple, but comprehensive process, with clearly defined milestones, owners, deliverables (incl. template development), and governance principles (across departments). The process also aligned with adjacent processes, such as technology development and manufacturing.
  • Digital marketing process improvements for major US retailer

    A major US retailer ($60B in revenue), asked us to help them revamp and simplify their digital marketing. Within 3 months we developed a strategy and implementation plan that addressed email marketing, as well as social and affiliates. We also established simple dashboards and processes, and coached marketing leadership, as well as team members. In addition, these activities triggered necessary organizational changes.
  • Sales operations process improvements for unicorn start-up

    A unicorn start-up in the health care space asked us to help them review sales operations processes and reporting. We developed a series of recommendations and dashboards, incl. a revision of the Salesforce workflow to increase data quality, as well as simplified dashboards and analytics (focused around sales pipeline reporting).

Client Types

  • Major Corporates
  • Private Equity / SMEs
  • Start-ups (Mid-/Late Stage)